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    P200 Cat 5e+ STP Patch Cords
    These jacks are designed for fast and easy snap-in and out of wall plates and patch panels. All DIGILINK E400 jacks are designed in a 180ยบ style and are available with interconnection of 110 IDC blocks.

  • Unshielded RJ-45 Keystone Jacks

    DIGILINK G600 unshielded copper RJ-45 keystone jack series includes high performance Category 6 snap-in 8-position/8-contact (8P8C) jacks (Patent pending design) conforming to IEC 60603-7-2 (unshielded 100 MHz connectors).

  • STP Patch Cord
    DIGILINK G600 STP Patch cables or patch cords are assemblies of 4 twisted pairs 23 AWG stranded wire cables with modular plugs crimped on both ends. T568A and T568B wiring schemes are both available..
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    Outlet series includes high quality, state-of-the-art face plates for perfect and professional installations needed to provide fully compliant copper cabling systems. DIGILINK E400 information outlets have been engineered to ensure full featured end-to-end connectivity that surpasses Cat 5e requirements.

  • DIGILINK E400 Cat 5e+ STP

    STP copper cable series consists of 4 pair twisted solid copper conductors with 100-Ohm impedance. The twisted pair cables are often shielded with tinned copper braiding as well as aluminum foil to prevent electro-magnetic interface.Since the shielding is made of braided steel wire, it also serves as a grounding device.

  • OptiPlus OP Infinity

    OptiPlus OP Infinity Optical fiber Dispersion-Unshifted has Core Diameter 8.2 with Cladding Diameter of 125.0 +/- 0.7.It also have zero dispersion wavelenght in the range of 1310nm - 1324nm and also zero dispersion slope of 0.092 ps/nm.km

  • OP2 OptiPlus Patch Cords and Pigtails

    OptiPlus OP2 mm fiber patch cords are offered in Riser rated UL listed options. Using the Fiber Patch Cord Product identifier fiber patch cord can be ordered with custom configured cordage size, jacket type and length, providing the ultimate in flexibility to meet any cabling infrastructure design

  • Fiber Connector

    DIGILINK's fiber optic joint closure is used to fix and seal FOSC cover and base, and its installation is quite simple. Advance internal structure design, easy and fast to fix fiber cables easy to re-enter, it never requires re-entry kits


  • OptiPlus Fiber Adapter

    DIGILINK OptiPlus offers broad range of Fiber Couplers/Adapters for different type of Connectors. These Couplers/Adapters are available in both Single Mode and Multi Mode version also in choice of simplex and Duplex type.


  • MPO Box-Rack Mount

    This is a compact Sliding rack mountable tray houses MPO cassettes. Made of strong powder coated steel sheets, equipped with heavy duty telescopic Slides. It uses nylon pop rivets to secure MPO cassettes from the front end and allows trunk cables/Fan-out cables to enter from the rear end.


  • SMART LC 48 Patch Panel

    The SMART LC 48 Patch Panel is an intelligent, high-density fiber optic [atch panel offering the option of real-time physical network management with DIGILINK's PatchView system.


  • Crimping Tool


    The tools form an essential ingredient for any kit that is required by service personnel. The structured cabling system lays stress on following the practices which will add elegance, discipline, method and reliability to cabling.